Binipreu is a 100% Menorcan company with over 30 years experience in the food industry. The business was created by Domingo Marqués and is carried on by his family to this day.

A modern building with a board range of products and services, next to Mahon dowtown and Menorca's airport.

The beginnings

The company was originally founded as a distribution business in 1970 in the Menorcan town of Alaior by Domingo Marques, where our headquarters still remain today.

In the early 90’s, our company opened a new and spacious logistics centre to expand our business and offer the best choice and service to our customers.

In 1996, Domingo Marqués joined Euromadi as a founder member. This agreement facilitated reduced logistical costs and access to the best prices in the market, helping customers with better shopping facilities.


During the first decade of the 21st century major advances in the company were made: improvements in infrastructure for fresh and frozen products. Moreover, our first own brands were born, such as Ses Tanques and Ses Fruites, for the marketing of local meat, cold cuts and fresh fruit.

Binipreu Supermercats is our next-door food shops chain

In 2005, the first establishment of the Binipreu supermarket chain was opened, local stores specializing in home grown produce and fresh foods, offering customers competitive prices at all times.

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Dispreu Logistica do daily distribution on the whole island

In recent years, the company has also expanded and improved its Dispreu Logística platform, as a leading distributor of local food products in Menorca.

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Club Bonacompra Menorca makes an important social task with associations, sport clubs and Ngo of Menorca

Moreover, the company has led the creation of Club Bonacompra Menorca, the largest consumers club on the island with more than 20,000 members. This card membership enables us to make contributions three times a year to local social causes.

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In 2010 work began on the new Binipreu Menorca Shopping Centre, on the Mahon industrial estate. The building, with 21,000 square feet, opened in April 2012 and is currently the largest building of its kind on the island.

Binipreu Menorca's building during the construction
Binipreu Menorca's building during the construction
Binipreu Menorca's building during the construction

Binipreu Menorca is a modern, comfortable and fully accessible shopping area, offering customers a new shopping experience. Binipreu combines commercial space with services for the whole family.

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